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Recently, I’ve got a simple task in a project I am working on.
I had to create a designed button with centered progress indicator inside of it.

The button should have 3 states:

  • Enabled
  • Loading
  • Disabled

In Enabled state it should show text while in Loading state it should show a Circular Progress Indicator (which can be native or any custom view such as Lottie animation view) and in Disabled state it should show text but grayed out.

Here is the final look according to the design!

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Photo by Ricardo Cruz on Unsplash

In modern SW development and especially in mobile and Android, Dependency Injection is one of the most important topics out there!
Managing and working correctly with dependencies will make our code maintainable and testable.

DI frameworks takes care of creation and providing dependencies which allow us to focus on the important stuff of our code.

When speaking on DI in Android, Dagger and Dagger2 used to be one of the most popular DI frameworks out there, but if you know Dagger, it also required some maintenance and was accompanied with some boilerplate code just for creating the dependencies, and when…

Moti Bartov

Android Developer at Tikal Knowledge

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